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I don't know anyone in Missouri and I'm not sure what anyone who might live there can do -- write letters? Demand resignations? Something.

This story is just so maddening.  A middle school girl (with special needs) was sexually assualted, harassed, and then raped by a classmate in 2008-2009. They didn't believe her and she "recanted". The school officials, without her mother's knowledge, made her write an apology letter. They then expelled her from school and referred her to authorities for making a "false report".

She returned to school in 2009-2010. The same boy continued his harassment and attacks and she didn't say anything. Until she was raped AGAIN. The school officials didn't believe her. Again. Her mother took her to authorities this time, there was an investigation there was DNA evidence that proved she was raped by this boy. The boy was charged and pled guilty.

The girl's mother is suing the school for not protecting her daughter.

The school is fighting back and saying that this lawsuit is frivolous.

AND that "The girl failed and neglected to use reasonable means to protect her self, the response says. Any damages the girl may have sustained, “were as a result of the negligence, carelessness, or conduct of third parties over whom the District Defendants had neither control nor the right to control,” according to the school district response."

So the school is claiming that they had NO CONTROL and NO RIGHT to CONTROL the student who attacked this girl.

They seemed fine with finding a way to control her - forcing her to apologize, putting her in harms way. 

The story is here

The comments are, actually, fairly sane. The last time I looked there was no blame the victim.

That's all from the newspaper article.

If you read the complaint you find out the girl was interrogated without her mother present. That when she returned to school her mother asked for protection and monitoring and was denied. The male student dragged her to the back of a library and raped her there.

The school suspended her after the second attack for "Disrespectful Conduct and Public Display of Affection"

TTwo of the school officials - the principal and the school counselor -- named in the suit are women. I know being a woman doesn't make a person do the right thing when it comes to rape and sexual assault but despite that I hold women to a higher standard.

I also know the response is in legal jargon and they have to make claims in response to a suit but still.

A female student was raped twice and blamed and punished twice by a school. Everyone named in the suit should be fired. Actually I think they should all admit they were wrong and quit but I know that won't happen.

By the way - the school district that banned Slaughterhouse 5-- this is a school in that district.

The book (along with 2 others) were banned when a man with no children in the school district complained they "contradicted the Bible."

The school district is able to "protect" students from words and ideas from a complaint made by a man with no ties to the school.

And yet they have "no control nor any right to control" a student at one of their schools.

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