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 Had  a good therapy session. Not sure how the temp job is going to effect that, I will probably only be able to see my therapist once a month. But I'll figure it out, however I knew it wasn't going to be forever, I won't be living here forever.

Got off my ass and FINALLY worked on dishes.  Going to therapy helps me get into gear afterwards. My apartment got so bad, not Hoarders, but Clean Sweep bad. So I'm getting out from under that.  Found plastic containers for books that don't go on the bookcases (and will double as cat perches under the windows).  I have a file box but I found a cheap file folder envelope folder thing that I can put more recent stuff in. I don't know where I'll store it, but at least I got papers in it.

Also organized some of my stuff in the bathroom.  Laundry I have to work on but I put the dishes as a bigger priority.  Yarn is stored. Various card board boxes holding stuff have been emptied stuff stored in more pleasing things and the boxes put in recycling. Got a different trash can for recycling - holds more and works better. My place still looks bad and no one could tell I've done anything but I'm seeing progress.

I'm hoping to have it look 50% better by the time Will comes back. Not perfect but better.  I still am struggling to figure out how to organize everything without enough space.  I never used a dresser, my clothes are usually in clean piles and dirty piles, but the wardrobe I have is cool, but not practical. I'm not sure how to make it practical.  And of course I don't have enough shelves for books. But I don't have tall bookcases.  One solution is to get rid of more books but.... I don't want to. At least until I read them.

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