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 the beach trip was wonderful. But I caught a cold or something. I'm better and night before last I was up all night coughing but then it subsided. So I didn't go to the doctor.

I even took a nap. But that ended in almost disaster.  The phone rang and I sleepily stumbled out of bed and tripped on somehtng and put my hand out to brace myself -the stand fan. Only I knocked the front gaurd off (it was loose anyway) and cut myself on a blade. Barely awake  and in pain I was trying to deal with the phone and kept dropping it and finally yelled "I'll call you back" and went to stop the bleeding.

Will was calling, so I relayed the information (only badly I had to repeat myself several times) and he was worried but i told him I was fine.  The cut isn't that deep and the bleeding stopped quickly. 

He's bringing me another fan and will check out my finger for himself today or tomorrow  (he's a former firefighter with emt training so he's good about medical stuff). 

It's hot here, hotter than in Tallahassee.  94 here! UGH UGH. I went out too, which was kind of  a mistake, I was thinking of going to the library bok sale, but that's only Tuesdays. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 85.

I got cat litter (Ii'll change it tonight) and some other stuff I needed. 

The cats have been more affectionate with the heat. I dont understand it. Dean never wants to cuddle in bed after dark, but last night he jumped on the bed and curled next to me wanting petting and loving, but he left as soon as I started coughing. And all day yesterday he kept trying to get in my lap. He's not like this Jan or Feb when it's cold! I keep putting ice cubes in their water dish. 

I need to go slather aloe gel all over and put a fan facing me. I found that's a great way to cool off.