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Survived the first half of black friday. Think I have a uti or the IC is flaring a little. Tomorrow's provided food is pizza and wings. I have a pot pie I'm going to take in and maybe there will be lunch meat left over from today. I can't risk the tomatoes. ORdred D-mannose from amazon. Will call the doctor on Monday. Have an over the counter test to take but remembered it AFTER I went to the bathroom.

I'm tireda nd I forgot what it's like in the holidays when there's no escape from the noise and the people. I took my dinner break early and it was quiet but when I needed quiet the only way would be going outside in the cold. Tomorrow is still Black Friday. Then this weekend will be busy I'm sure. I'm looking forward to my days off. although I have therapy and seeing the shrink.

Right now the noises of the day are rattling and echoing through my head and I can't quiet them down. If I could meditate now would be good, but I can't do that. There's noise - the microwave heating dinner, the cat clamoring for food or attention (although she's had both) and I just want to sit the quiet an the dim and eat dinner and just not think too much but I have to go to bed soon. I'll wake up at 8:30. I almost always do. I didn't get much sleep last night and tried to nap but failed, my head buzzing with the anxiety for today. I keep telling myself over time and holiday pay and were on track to get 2x the bonus, although that money will show up after the holidays. I've already earned over time and I'm not sure how. I'm worried there's a mistake but I won't look at my hours or bring it to attention. Part of me thinks that's wrong.

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