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askye ([personal profile] askye) wrote2015-10-18 03:57 am

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I should be asleep but I'm not.

Also Penny is not a good huntress for a cat. Unless her plan was to very slowly terrorize the mouse to death. There was a mouse. Penny was acting strange for a day or so before I figured it out. I found it..totally alive...yesterday. It fell out of a paperbag and Penny just ...tapped it. And then waited. I threw the mouse outside.

She's sniffing around the stove (which she was doing origially) so either the mouse is dumb and is back or there is another one. I really don't want another one.

And on one hand I'm glad there were no parts or guts to deal with. One the other hand I think Penny was freaked out about the mouse. Insects are more her style.

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