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My tooth on my right side hurts. A molar, kind of across from the one I lost. I need to get my teeth cleaned. I'm going to set up an appointment this week.

I'm anxious as hell because I know I probably need a filling. I need to get an implant, I can't afford any of that. I checked online with my dental insurance and fillings don't kick in until August. Part of the problem is primarily chewing on the right side. I need to stop doing that.

And brushing better. I have a waterpik/electric toothbrush set up but there's no room for it in the bathroom (literally no place to plug it in I could keep it under the sink and get it out /fill it/use it only when I brush my teeth and when the toothbrush needs to be recharged set it up in the kitchen). But I know I won't do that. So at hte grocery store i thought I bought one of those cheap spin head brushes (better than nothing). Only it didn't make it home so I don't know what happened. Tomorrow I'm going to get that. Also mom rearranged the basement and god only knows where my stuff is at this point.

High anticipating my therapy appointment tomorrow my anxiety level has been really high lately, I know it's because of stuff coming up in group and in therapy. Nothing I can really do , well be better about self care.

But I nearly had a break down in the grocery store. Mom sent me to get somethings for her trip and some things for myself while she was gone and I ended up wandering around feeling guilty about anything I looked at and spending any money. I keep thinking about how much easier and better everyone's life would be if I hadn't been born. No one will agree with that but it would be.

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