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I have medication! It was very easy. I was the first person at the urgent care. They were very nice and the doctor did express a tiny bit of concern over the high dose of Seroquel but I told him all my blood work was fine and that I knew it was high and once I got a shrink I was going to talk about reducing it. He started to give me info about counselors and shrinks but I told him I had that covered.

Then I went to the farmer's market and got some great chicken and potatoes and rice and beans. And empanadas. T, who makes this lovely food, also makes a garlicy sauce for the empanadas that is out of this world.  She said if I called her middle of the week and could come by Saturday she'd make me a batch special. I forgot to ask how long it lasts but I could it straight. I'm having a hard time eating because Dean is circling me like shark. Seriously, I'm at the computer eating and he keeps jumping on the computer. I knock him off. He jumps up on the window and tries to casually get in my lap. I know he wants the chicken which will just make him sick. He just wants a crumb.

The farmer's market had winter squash and these adorable pie pumpkins. I need to go get my knives sharpened and find a pumpkiny recipe because I want one of those cute little pumpkins to eat! And little fingerling potatoes and turnips. And apples. I bought a bag of young apples at the grocery not realizing I'd get some at the farmer's market. 

I'm realizing I'm more excited about fall/winter produce than I am about spring stuff. Maybe after a real winter I'll feel different. I love squash and asparagus and next year I'm trying fiddle heads. And all that. But there's something about pumpkins and acorn squash and other winter squashes and dark leafy greens - kale, collards, etc. 

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