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 Let's see, instead of just giving my landlady the rent money in cash I wrote a check. I forgot to stick a note in that said "please don't deposit this until Monday afternoon". And then I didn't get to the bank in time and I overdrafted so that cost me an extra $25. It was suggested I ask to see if that could be waived, but I think this time I'll take the penalty.

On the plus side my cold seems to be pretty much gone.  There's still some congestion but I sound okay so I didn't call my primary care doctor. I did call the urologist and they can't see me until Thursday!  I did ask they let my urologist know I made an appointment.  Then I went and gave a urine sample at the lab. Benefit of living in a small town w/hospital - everything is easy to reach and no waiting.  I'm still on AZO, Benadryl, and ibuprofen for pain. I don't know what I took as a kid but it did something similar to  AZO only I think it was prescription and turned everything blue. I kinda miss the blue.

Oh! I finished my shawl/wrap/throw thing I made for Grandma. I realized at her size it's probably a blanket. And I'm saving it for Xmas present. I keep having to stop and start over on my Aunt J's shell scarf because the stitches get tighter and it looks wonky. Also I tried to crochet in my benadryl haze and that was just bad. I could probably do something simple.

Knitting is going okay. Purling I can't seem to get the hang of and now I'm wishing I had circular needles because I keep dropping the needles when Im starting or finishing rows. Somehow I don't remember the basics of crochet being this hard to learn. The shell pattern gave me fits at first but that was keeping the pattern straight. I guess I'll get circular needles and try it out.

And I have therapy soon and I need to remember to talk about a psychiatrist and to contact my primary care dr about getting a new seroquel prescription, its going to run out while I'm out of town.