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askye ([personal profile] askye) wrote2011-10-21 06:09 pm

I'm back

I had a great visit.

On my way down I got a call from the temp agency about a great job they had and they were submitting me. The job wanted someone with Publisher and Power Point experience which I don't have.  Then I heard that the temp agency considered me the best candidate  but the company wanted at least one other resume.

Today I heard that they went with the other person based on their experience with Publisher and Power Point. Which is so frustrating. I'm going to try to find some free or cheap classes in Microsoft office products so I can be up tod ate (I don't have Office on my computer).

However the part time job is still happening, I'm supposed to call Sunday to find out when I'm on the schedule. Although now I keep getting small paranoid thoughts that they are going to take the job away.

On the plus side almost all my Lands End stuff fit. There's one sweater I'm questionable about and I need a second opinion so I want to Skype with Mom. I tried to cal her today several times and she never answered, I guess she's busy.  The clogs from Lands End didn't fit but the Mary Janes did. So I'm going to return the clogs and get a pair of the Mary Janes in black.

Today I went to TJ Maxx and got some socks and wrist warmers. I didn't see gloves I liked or a hat I liked.  And I went to the shoe store and found a pair of clogs that fit and were comfortable and were affordable (versus being $120). So I bought them in black. They are patent so kinda shiny but on the black it doesn't look bad and now I've got what I need for the temp job.

I also have stuff being sent to me. Mom had a yarn stash that's now mine. And she bought some knitting and embrodiary stuff at a garage sale about 10-15 years ago. So now the knitting stuff is mine. I only ever have to buy circular needles again. This includes some pattern books.

Plus Grandma gave me some pattern books and her yarn AND her work bag! I've wanted one and now I have it. I stopped by the yarn shop and told K about it and she wants to see everything so as soon as I get it I'll take it over there for knitting.

I started a scarf, Mom found a 63 square crochet sampler with different stitches and the puff stitch was one. Except then I put in the box of stuff to be mailed (which was at Mom's house) and couldn't remember how many chains to make so I guessed and guessed wrong. But then I just kept going and I'm calling it my Chaotic Puff Stitch Scarf. I started doing sort of random things. Like 2 single crochets, then the puff stitch or alternating 2 and 3 single crochets. I think it looks neat.

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