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 I have a bunch of yarn that was at mom's she had a throw she started but didn't really like the pattern. So If ound another one I did like to make for her. I was all excited because it was going fast and I was practically done with the whole skien and had only had to "fix" it a few times.

Only to realize I'm doing it wrong. It's not a bad looking throw, it's just not what I was going for. The original problem I "fixed" was the actual pattern.  So now I'm starting the whole thing over again. It's supposed to be a basket weave pattern, with alternating front post double crochet and back post double crochet.  And on alternate rows you switch to back post and then front post, and it gives a weave effect. I was making sure they all lined up.

This is what I get for crocheting without a clear image of what I want.

Well, it got me through Gunless - a cute comedy although I totally didn't buy Paul Gross as an American bad guy. and I watched a few other things, most of Domino before I got tired of the way the film was edited and most of the WWI Paul Gross film I'm too lazy to look up the spelling - I didn't like the characters and gave up on it.

With something like this, at the beginning, I think I need to stick with Murder She Wrote or rewatching SGA or SG1 or something where I can pay half attention to the show and still know what's going on.