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 Went to the knitting club tonight and learned how to knit! And then I came home and was trying to practice and the needle slid out of the loops and when I was trying to put it back in I accidentally started to unravel everything.

Sigh. Well I cast on more stitches but I'm having trouble with getting the first row so.... back to crochet. I'll struggle with this for a while longer and then go to the yarn shop for some more help.

Holding two needles does not feel natural and I struggled trying to keep them held properly and the yarn. There's so much stuff to hold! There was another crocheter there (although she was working on a knitting project) and she said crocheting felt more natural to her as well. 

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I actually learned to knit first, but now I find crochet more manageable somehow. Being able to "undo" one stitch at a time with crochet is so nice!