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There's no hockey being played but the Lightning is changing.

Pavel Kubina is no longer a Bolt. He was an unrestricted free agent and almost everyone pretty much saw that coming for most of the season, even with the cap increase he wanted too much money. Now he's signed with the Leafs for $5mil/year. Leafs SUCK! But I'm going to be watching for Kuby.

John Grahame is gone as well, again he's UFA and frankly after this season the Lightning didn't want him. He's a Hurricane, as a back up to Ward.

Daryl Sydor was traded back to the Stars -- for a 4th round pick.

They signed Filip Kuba, a defensemen who will take Kubina's place (they are both Czech).

Fredrik Modin and Norrena (he was either signed or traded for) was sent over to a team I forget for a goalie who the fans think is questionable.

There was another Dman signing but I can't remember his name.

The main thing is I now have to find a new favorite player.
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Last night I went over to Dad's and watched hockey and ate more quail. The quail was so yummy. I also successfuly made gravy, but then we turned the burner to HIGH instead of OFF and it got burnt.

I really hope next season OLN gets their act together and improves their broadcast. I hate that the graphic for the scores is at the BOTTOM of the screen right over the ice! It gets in the way! I think maybe the camera work has improved just a tiny bit. And I hate the announcers. I like some color commentary but I also like to hear the plays called rather than mostly color commentary and ramblings about whatever with interuptions when something exciting happens on the ice. Blah blah blah -- he shots! that was a close one, Fluery made a good save there, speaking of which blah blah blah history the arena blah when I played hockey blah blah. They seemed biased to the Penguins.

The Penguins looked so overwhelmed, I felt bad for them. But their goalie, Marc Andre Fluery -- kicked as, he kept Detroit to 3 goals, and he faces more than 30 shots on goal.

During the second intermission they showed part of Jiri Fischer's press conference, it was so heart wrenching. I thought I was going to cry, then someone in [ profile] hockey posted a link to the audio of the press conference and I did cry. He seems like such a good kid.

[ profile] permetaform has a new SGA vid, it's beautiful and flowing and you should go see it -it's beautiful and fluid. And then if for some reason you haven't seen her others you should watch those.

[ profile] astolat and [ profile] speranza have made an SGA humor vid, Shark, for the SGA flashfic challenge -- very funny. Has nice LKBV elements. I think it might be spoilery through some of this season.

[ profile] sockkpuppett just posted a BSG vid -- More Human than Human-- about Cylons.

I also watched a couple of Firefly vids, but I can't remember who the vidder was, so that will wait until I get home.
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Today was a beautiful day. Mom and I got the last of the windows unstuck, but discovered that 2 of the eye hooks for the screens aren't right so we have to get new ones. On one window the eye is too close to the screen and on the other it's too far away. BUT we can't just switch out the screens because the top brackets aren't spaced the same.

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Chicago Loop Dvd set came Friday. I sat down and watched it all. THe first vid I watched was Hotel California because I'd heard so much about it and I've been dying to watch it. The vid is brilliant. I checked out the first disc of The Prisoner because I've forgotten a lot of the show and I know that the vid will make more sense when I can remember things about it.

I know I watched other vids by the same vidder, the only one I can think of is the Buffy vid...I hesitated because of the song, but again, it's a brilliant vid. It's a Natalie Imbruglia song...the one that was really popular...It's Buffy and Angelus and completely heartbreaking.

Plus there's a bonus bit of The Tick -- keen!

I was pissy last night because Sun Sports delayed showing the Tampa bay game to do a post game show on LSU And Flordia. Florida lost, LSU won. Sun Sports has all kinds of coverage and post game stuff during the week. I have to watch the game. I meant to do that today, maybe tomorrow after work. I did catch the end of the game when it was half time for the FSU game. They won! I was so excited! FSU lost, which is disappointing, but they kept getting the same stupid penalities.
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After work I'll go home, eat some dinner, change into something comfy. Throw in a load of laundry then head over to Dad's to watch HOCKEY!!!!! I'll be flipping between the
Tampa game and whatever OLN is showing.

My fingers are crossed that the Bolts can pull it together to win.

Edited to add: I'll have less time than I thought, at 6:30 there will be the raising of the banner, 7 pre game show, 7:30 game. OLN is showing Rangers v Flyers starting at 7, I might be able to give up the pregame show for actual hockey.

Fingers still crossed about the goalie situation.
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Tamp Bay has not made any big moves in the past two days. It's driving me nuts.

Last week I read speculation that Khabibulin wasn't going anywhere, he'd want another shot at the Cup, he likes Tampa, etc.

The other day it was Khabibulin may be going to Phoenix, he was there before, lives there in the off season, his wife and kid are there year round, and he just some big ass mansion.

Today the rumor is Khabby's going to Chicago, that they need a goalie and they've got the money.

The only thing I know for sure is Cory Stillman's a Hurricane now.

And there's a guy I've been dealing with over the phone today named Corey and I keep refering to him as Cory Stillman to my co workers and then having to correct myself. As soon as I explianed Stillman's a hockey player their eyes glazed over.
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Hockey is BACK. WHOOOOO!!!!

Now I have to figure out what kind of changes (if any) are going to be made to Tampa Bay.

And I need to get a hockey icon.
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