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Everytime I hear Country Song by Seether I think about Supernatural and think it would make a good vid.

It also makes me want to go watch a bunch of Angel/Lindsey vids, so I guess I think it would work for that.

I mean, I only have a vague idea of how I'd make it work, since I'm not a vidder, but the music and the lyrics just put me in that mindset.
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So we have some more Club Vivid vids --

Filthy Mind , a Mulitfandom vid by SE. I didn't recognize a lot of the fandoms but I'm sure some will. Also there's a lot of great shots from different shows that are really similar.

Another Multifandom vid -- Mystery Dance by [ profile] giandujakiss.

Then there is, Grove is in the Heart - a Danger Mouse vid! Yes! Danger Mouse and Penfold! It's by Frivolity65

and [ profile] barkley has more vids! here

They are a Supernatural vid, Faithfully (yes, by Journey) -- Dean/Metallicar OTP! the vid is full of flail.

And a Friday Night Lights vid about Tyra, to Cold as it Gets by Patty Griffin. I only watched the first episode of Friday Night Lights and decided that while I liked it, I wasn't going to add a fandom. Except now I want to know what this vid is about!

Edited -- two more vids

Moons of Jupiter by [ profile] fan_eunice it's a Tenth Doctor vid.

and Stronger Forest by [ profile] kiki_miserychic which is a Heroes vid, a retrospective character study of season 1 Sylar.
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I'm going to start posting links to vids as I find them. These are Club Vivid and Premiering vids.

This link is for the vids Boulevard of Broken Songs by [ profile] destina and [ profile] barkley The song is a mash up and the vid is multifandom, of Crichton, Mal, Dean, and Jack O'Neill, described as They are very hot men who walk alone. Feel the angsty man pain. Dance, angsty man pain people, dance!

and also Canadian Actor Bingo by [ profile] elishavah, [ profile] thepouncer, [ profile] widget285, and [ profile] barkley it's a vid of "hey! it's that guy/gal from that other show!" that we all play in fandom.

Plus there's the knife licking scene from HCL and if you haven't seen that before then you really need to go watch the vid! And then watch HCL!

Alias vid by [ profile] millylicious, What You Waitin' For by Gwen Stefani, "the ups and downs of being Sidney Bristow Season 1 -5, so if you don't want to know spoilers, don't watch this.

Here's Cathian by [ profile] klia , for the movie Flyboys, which I haven't seen and now I want to. The link goes to the vidders site which is password protected, but it has an auto response generator so you'll get a password quickly. While you are on the site check out the other vids.

Toxic LithiumDoll's Buffy vid (yes, by Britney Spears). Buffy and all her relationships.

Southwood Plantation Road is a Doctor Who vid, by [ profile] harriet_spy

Edited to add -
Bicycle Race a Doctor Who vid -- all Doctors! It's a fun vid
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The lovely [personal profile] theodosia sent me the Vividcon dvds which I watched Friday and yesterday but some how missed writing notes for most of disc 2, so I'll have to go back and watch. Here are my quick thoughts on the vids EDITED I Messed up the link for the playolist. Well add something later .

Intro - Snakes on a Plane!  I always love the vid intros.

Pants! - It's men in pants (and briefly Ewan McGregor without pants) how can it go wrong?

God Says Nothing Back - Supernatural vid. I barely know the source, I've seen only bits and pieces but it's a very beautiful vid and I liked the song.

Crazy - Life on Mars. I've seen 2 episodes so far, I recognized some of the clips but not all.  I was a little confused by the outside source (which I don't have a problem with) but it seemed like the vid was Sam's POV but then changed and I didn't quite catch it.

There - BSG I don't know enough of the source. I've seen most of season 1, but there's so much going on in BSG.

Davd - Angel. I've read a lot about this vid and I tried to keep an open mind, but Puppet!Angel and Angelus didn't quite work for me.

Be So Glad - Farscape. Another show where I'm iffy on the source. I watched it sporadically and right now I'm almost done with S1.  I loved the song choice and it makes me want to watch the show more.

Grapes of Wrath (BSG)  Really made me want to watch BSG. Fun.

Monochrome Carnivale. No nothing of the show at all. It seems creepy and intriguing

One Day Late - Firefly. Again, I've read a lot about this and I tried to watch with an open mind. I think if  it had just been a shot of Mal and not the line of dialouge it would have worked better for me.  However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to using dialouge in vids.

Like Sisyphus SGA  I need to watch this one again.  I'm not sure I liked most of it, but not the intro part and again it had dialouge but it was more mixed with the music.

Lullaby Dead Poets Society.  I think I've only seen the movie once in the theater. But I love the movie. I remember sitting there with my Mom in a packed theater (I remember the only empty seat was next to me) and sobbing all through the end. My glasses  kept fogging up and I was just wrecked the movie just tore me up.  The vid made me cry, about half way I just  started sobbing.  The clips of book were what undid me.

Statistics - Bones. Again I don't know the source and I was a little emotional over Lullaby. Need to watch again.

Princess Bride Abridged  Princess Bride. I wasn't overwhelmed by this vid, but I liked that it was just a condensed chronologlical retelling of the movie.

Ghost Song - Supernatural vid.

Walk the Line - Penguins!! It was a cute vid and who doesn't love baby penguins??

Supernatural Homesick Blues  X Files - I olnly have a sketchy memory of the show but I really liked the vid and I could follow most of it.

Battle of Evermore -  I wasn't familiar enough with Highlander.

Get By  - Angel Buffy - Faith and Angel's relationship. Definitly need to rewatch this, also find the lyrics. I did like the clip of Faith jumping through the glass of the prison for "unconditional love" lyric.

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Last night I went over to Dad's and watched hockey and ate more quail. The quail was so yummy. I also successfuly made gravy, but then we turned the burner to HIGH instead of OFF and it got burnt.

I really hope next season OLN gets their act together and improves their broadcast. I hate that the graphic for the scores is at the BOTTOM of the screen right over the ice! It gets in the way! I think maybe the camera work has improved just a tiny bit. And I hate the announcers. I like some color commentary but I also like to hear the plays called rather than mostly color commentary and ramblings about whatever with interuptions when something exciting happens on the ice. Blah blah blah -- he shots! that was a close one, Fluery made a good save there, speaking of which blah blah blah history the arena blah when I played hockey blah blah. They seemed biased to the Penguins.

The Penguins looked so overwhelmed, I felt bad for them. But their goalie, Marc Andre Fluery -- kicked as, he kept Detroit to 3 goals, and he faces more than 30 shots on goal.

During the second intermission they showed part of Jiri Fischer's press conference, it was so heart wrenching. I thought I was going to cry, then someone in [ profile] hockey posted a link to the audio of the press conference and I did cry. He seems like such a good kid.

[ profile] permetaform has a new SGA vid, it's beautiful and flowing and you should go see it -it's beautiful and fluid. And then if for some reason you haven't seen her others you should watch those.

[ profile] astolat and [ profile] speranza have made an SGA humor vid, Shark, for the SGA flashfic challenge -- very funny. Has nice LKBV elements. I think it might be spoilery through some of this season.

[ profile] sockkpuppett just posted a BSG vid -- More Human than Human-- about Cylons.

I also watched a couple of Firefly vids, but I can't remember who the vidder was, so that will wait until I get home.
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Today was a beautiful day. Mom and I got the last of the windows unstuck, but discovered that 2 of the eye hooks for the screens aren't right so we have to get new ones. On one window the eye is too close to the screen and on the other it's too far away. BUT we can't just switch out the screens because the top brackets aren't spaced the same.

home stuff )

Chicago Loop Dvd set came Friday. I sat down and watched it all. THe first vid I watched was Hotel California because I'd heard so much about it and I've been dying to watch it. The vid is brilliant. I checked out the first disc of The Prisoner because I've forgotten a lot of the show and I know that the vid will make more sense when I can remember things about it.

I know I watched other vids by the same vidder, the only one I can think of is the Buffy vid...I hesitated because of the song, but again, it's a brilliant vid. It's a Natalie Imbruglia song...the one that was really popular...It's Buffy and Angelus and completely heartbreaking.

Plus there's a bonus bit of The Tick -- keen!

I was pissy last night because Sun Sports delayed showing the Tampa bay game to do a post game show on LSU And Flordia. Florida lost, LSU won. Sun Sports has all kinds of coverage and post game stuff during the week. I have to watch the game. I meant to do that today, maybe tomorrow after work. I did catch the end of the game when it was half time for the FSU game. They won! I was so excited! FSU lost, which is disappointing, but they kept getting the same stupid penalities.
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I got an early start on the weekend when I went home after my dr's appt. This sinus infection (or maybe the antibiotics) have kicked me in the ass. This weekend I:

stayed up kinda late then slept for about 10 hours

Took a nap that lasted around 3 ish hours

watched lots and lots of vids and tried to make notes to make an lj entry about the Vividcon dvd set but failed. Mostly likely due to the sleepiness

Went over to Mom's and had dinner, once yesterday and once tonight.

Watched some Firefly

Watched Tennis with Mom, which evidentally tuckered me right out becuase I came home and was ready to go to bed around 7 pm. This, I decided, would be a bad idea 'cause then I would be up around 4 or so and that's not good. Although who knows. NOW, of course, it's nearly 10 and I'm more awake. Not wide awake, but not sleepy and falling over tired.

My landlady is coming over after work becuase,finally, ther's a lease to sign. And I'm going to ask her about the screens. It was really nice out this weekend and felt very fall ish. It was nice Wednesday and Monday, I think it only got up to 89F, which after the hot weather is very pleasant. It would be really really nice if I could have screens and let the fresh air in.

Also, watched more of BSG. I need to rewatch episode 6 I think and episode 7 . 7 made me cringe a lot becuase of Gaius. He's so watch from the hall and I tried to skip around and miss his watch from the hall stuff, but then, I miss plot. So I'll have to rewatch it. The quality wasn't all that great. I'm working on getting episode 8.

Tomorrow is work and I have to explain that I was so spacey becuase I was SICK! SICK! I didn't realize. I thought it was smoething minor. I'm still slightly worried about bronchitis and I've been sleeping up right. Which I don't really like, but I have tons of pillows to make it more comfortable.

I watched A LOT of vids this weekend. All of the 2005 vid set, half of the 2004 vid set. Plus a bunch that I just downloaded, plus I was watching some several times while I tried to come up with things to say about them besides "omigod! cool!" Let's see, I watched both of the Hallelujah SGA vids, plus another Hallelujah vid (AtS -- Buckley cover),and rewatched the BtVS vid to Rufus Wainwright's cover of Hallelujah, except I don't know who the vidder is. It hink I have other vids by the same person, I just can't remember. This vid is a Spike and Buffy one. There's Spike's dialoug over the hallelujah chorus. It's called Prayer for the Dying. That brings my list up to 5 vids to with that song. I'm sure there are more, I'd love to see them. As far as the song being over vidded, I wouldn't put it in the same category as My Immortal -- I think there are roughly 20 on the Buffy video database alone.

Now I'm getting sleepy and rambly. Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to say what I really want about the vids I've seen lately.
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I watched BSG 33 mins. I'm not sure what was up with the file because I could barely hear anything and had all my volume controls turned up all the way. The drums arent' that impressive when you can barely hear them.
(I've had no problems watching the vids from vividcon, just 33 mins). Yesterday I saw my tape of the miniseries so I need to dig that out and watch it.

Quick thoughts on 33 mins. The make up artists did a fantastic job making everyone looked worn out, tired, black and blue and worn down to the bone. Especially the pilots. Except for Boomer. She looked perky and fresh. And Helo down on Caprica (poor Helo), when he was in the rain he looked like a corpse. Like a wet dead thing, which is good. What's her name (the actress who plays Laura) is annoying me much less than when I first watched, it's her voice that gets to me. And it seems to be her "Acting" voice becuase when I saw her in the Lowdown thing she didn't have that... aspect of her voice that drives me batshit.

I watched the BSG vid Proud, if you go to [ profile] vividcon you will find a link. It's an amazing vid and if you like BSG go see it. If, for some reason, you've never seen a vid and you like BSG really really go see it. It seriously rocks. It gave me chills and I've barely seen the show.

Love the President's assistant. I'm sure he has a name, but I forgot it. Anyway he's really good. Before Gaius and Six annoyed me, well, I think it's because Giaus kept dipping into watch from the hall behaviour which is always difficult for me to watch. But his "I repent" stuff was cool.

OH! Also, when you are over at [ profile] vividcon looking for the link to Proud, check out the other vids that are there. If you are an SG1 fan [ profile] barkley has terrific vids up -- Funny!!!!! Plus there's a Lord King Bad Vid on her site that shouldn't be missed. I also now want to see Sunshine of the Eternal Mind due to [ profile] permetaform's vid. I know I downloaded other vids, but they aren't in the right folder, I'll have to hunt them down tomorrow. I had computer issues.

And thanks to [ profile] shrift for picking up a dvd set for me!!!


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