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The lovely [personal profile] theodosia sent me the Vividcon dvds which I watched Friday and yesterday but some how missed writing notes for most of disc 2, so I'll have to go back and watch. Here are my quick thoughts on the vids EDITED I Messed up the link for the playolist. Well add something later .

Intro - Snakes on a Plane!  I always love the vid intros.

Pants! - It's men in pants (and briefly Ewan McGregor without pants) how can it go wrong?

God Says Nothing Back - Supernatural vid. I barely know the source, I've seen only bits and pieces but it's a very beautiful vid and I liked the song.

Crazy - Life on Mars. I've seen 2 episodes so far, I recognized some of the clips but not all.  I was a little confused by the outside source (which I don't have a problem with) but it seemed like the vid was Sam's POV but then changed and I didn't quite catch it.

There - BSG I don't know enough of the source. I've seen most of season 1, but there's so much going on in BSG.

Davd - Angel. I've read a lot about this vid and I tried to keep an open mind, but Puppet!Angel and Angelus didn't quite work for me.

Be So Glad - Farscape. Another show where I'm iffy on the source. I watched it sporadically and right now I'm almost done with S1.  I loved the song choice and it makes me want to watch the show more.

Grapes of Wrath (BSG)  Really made me want to watch BSG. Fun.

Monochrome Carnivale. No nothing of the show at all. It seems creepy and intriguing

One Day Late - Firefly. Again, I've read a lot about this and I tried to watch with an open mind. I think if  it had just been a shot of Mal and not the line of dialouge it would have worked better for me.  However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to using dialouge in vids.

Like Sisyphus SGA  I need to watch this one again.  I'm not sure I liked most of it, but not the intro part and again it had dialouge but it was more mixed with the music.

Lullaby Dead Poets Society.  I think I've only seen the movie once in the theater. But I love the movie. I remember sitting there with my Mom in a packed theater (I remember the only empty seat was next to me) and sobbing all through the end. My glasses  kept fogging up and I was just wrecked the movie just tore me up.  The vid made me cry, about half way I just  started sobbing.  The clips of book were what undid me.

Statistics - Bones. Again I don't know the source and I was a little emotional over Lullaby. Need to watch again.

Princess Bride Abridged  Princess Bride. I wasn't overwhelmed by this vid, but I liked that it was just a condensed chronologlical retelling of the movie.

Ghost Song - Supernatural vid.

Walk the Line - Penguins!! It was a cute vid and who doesn't love baby penguins??

Supernatural Homesick Blues  X Files - I olnly have a sketchy memory of the show but I really liked the vid and I could follow most of it.

Battle of Evermore -  I wasn't familiar enough with Highlander.

Get By  - Angel Buffy - Faith and Angel's relationship. Definitly need to rewatch this, also find the lyrics. I did like the clip of Faith jumping through the glass of the prison for "unconditional love" lyric.


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